Welcome to the new home of

Modern American GoJu

Modern American Goju (aka USA Hapkido Associates) teaches students of all ages self-defense in the styles of USA/Urban Goju Karate-do and Korean Hapkido.


Class Schedule


We currently offer classes on 2 nights a week:

  • Tuesday

  • Friday

Classes are divided by age with a class for younger children (ages 5-10), juniors (10 and up), and adults. In this manner, age appropriate instruction can be provided, specifically tailored to fit the needs of each age group. Classes run:

  • 6-7pm for Warriors (younger children)

  • 7-8:30pm for Juniors and Adults



Welcome to our site. Our Karate school is located at:
304 Clifton Avenue, Clifton, NJ
Contact us at: 201-207-4958 or modernamericangoju@gmail.com.

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